Another music project supported by Ray Wilson Foundation – rock and roll band CASHflow was a star of the IV International Genetic Congress in Poznan World Trade Center.

About Us

The Foundation was established in November 2010 by Ray Wilson. The Foundation was created for people in all kinds of difficult situations. Our goal is to initiate and implement programs to combat social exclusion, thus providing a bridge between existing difficulties and solutions.
In our work we want to show a wider perspective, an alternative to what is already visible. Therefore, the participants of our projects are people from different places and backgrounds, have various abilities and skills. The goal is clear: to find their own identity and their place in life.
We go beyond the walls of the institution, and our action is directed to support individuals: their environment, their principles,  their pace, and based on their own personal plan. We try to highlight the variety of possible alternative paths that anyone can follow.
Second goal of the Foundations is to support young, talented artists with development of their carrier. One of the the projects supported by the foundation is contemporary dance theatre Dance Lab.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization, so we rely on the goodwill of individuals, artists, specialists in various fields, as well as the City of Poznan. Extremely important in the implementation of our activities are volunteers.



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