Sense of Meeting

We suggest art therapy workshops for people who suffer from different types of marginalization problems or those who are in danger of social exclusion. Introspection is the aim of the workshops; to get to know oneself, one’s strong and weak points, one’s resources and abilities, to learn all about processes connected with relations with other people. Workshops are part of a program dealing with work animation and free time animation. Another important element of workshops is initiating volunteering activities among participants.

This program is suppose to give equal opportunities to people from marginalization areas or those socially excluded in the access to the labour market and culture. The aim of the activities is professional and social mobilization of participants of the program; we want to achieve this through psycho-educational workshops, art therapy workshops together with a series of trainings about improving social abilities, business and self-presentation qualifications. Art therapy workshops together with psycho-education will take place once a week; training meetings will also take place once a week. Participants will be asked to seek advice in Information-Consultative Point in order to create and support the realization of Individual Path of Personal Development.

Social groups which are in danger of being socially excluded or which already are excluded need to learn about their strong and weak points in order to more efficiently search a job in areas appropriate to their own predispositions, potentials and abilities. The program is usually directed to the so called unfavourable groups. These groups are often in a very difficult labour market situation because of their law professional qualifications or due to abilities connected with the so called secondary labour market which is characterized by high fluctuation of employment but law salary or low possibilities of improving one’s qualifications; as a result these people struggle with frequent or long-lasting periods of unemployment. Consequently, this situation may result in strengthening negative mechanisms responsible for dealing with stress, it may also deepen a feeling of helplessness and increase impotence against different types of life difficulties.


Workshops were created also for people who want to learn how to manage with emotional crisis, how to identify and express emotions, or build and shape relations.