Ray Wilson Foundation located in Poznan, 61-768, Matejki Street 36/5, in accordance to the permission given on 25th January 2012 by Ministry of Interior and Administration with the decision No. 22/2012, carried out public fundraising within the Republic of Poland.

The funds were raised to cover costs of rehabilitation, essential for normal development, and improvement of the state of health of one of Foundation subjects who was diagnosed with central hearing loss and Asperger syndrome.

The fundraising  took place between 1st September and 31st December 2012. Preparations for the fundraising took place from January until August. The funds raised were 400,00zl of free contributions to a sealed box, i.a. during social-cultural event and also on the bank account 52 1090 1359 0000 0001 1768 0608. To enable the fund-raising the Foundation co-operated with volunteers.