Painting on the fairy tale

Painting on the fairy tale 2011
To add some color to the fairy tale world in which children with nursing home run by the Sisters "Seraphic" spend almost every day, we agreed the time, we invited some interesting people, and a supply of ink, and with a huge load of positive energy corridors painted in one of the  colorful look at the world.
The project used the technique of stimulation stimulation, or explore the world through the senses. Painting time is time spent not only with paints, brushes, fabrics and the creation of new space - it is also the time spent in the vicinity of children, the joy of seeing them guessing as colorless so far discovered on the walls ...
The action was carried out in August and September 2011, 
for the coordination of artistic answered Agnieszka Kaczmarek.
Action carried out in the Nursing Home for Children, run by the Sisters of Serafitek, ul. St. Rocha 13 in Poznan, Poland.
Summer Shrove Tuesday 2011
On the first Saturday of September was held jointly organized by the Foundation for Ray Wilson picnic for nursing home charges for children run by the Seraphic Sisters and for invited guests.
Farewell to Summer was held in the open air, which allowed a true dream, sunny weather  event opened the theater performance "The Way" titled "History. How did the deserts and rocks? ", Which ended with a soap bubbles dropping  a sweet snack after the stage started competition, where the participants of trial and error methods in turn overcame obstacle courses, guessed the sounds of nature, danced with a needle and thread, and painted worlds of their imaginations. There were also no games involving the movement of the body and dance, which helped to see how little it takes to dance with grace and lightness of a butterfly  The culmination of the meeting and were also part of the artistic performances by young students of vocal and dance of the House of Culture "Eagle's Nest" in.