Maja Koman & Ukulele

Maja Koman is a many-sided artist from Poznan. She's grown up with music and singing since the early age of her childhood. She plays on everything what is at hand, but from two years it is ukulele which she got from her best friend ever.

She became famous after performing "The old bear" in the programme called "Must Be The Music", during which Maja skilfully combined tradition with modern vocal and ukulele arrangement. Currently Maja is working on her album ficklely called "pourquoi pas" (Why not). The album will include songs of his own authorship as well as interesting covers from France, England and Poland. Piotr Masternak (doublebass), permanently joined this project. With the mix of ukulele and doublebass both of them create interesting and melancholic atmosphere. Although Maja is not known from long time, she has already performed during many festivals, e.g. Skyway, Tuczno, Tofifest, Sounds For Freedom, collective performance with Czesław Mozil as well as many others supports. Her solo ukulele project is soothing performances in English and French, interesting interpretations of famous songs and her own rendition full of irony and a distance to life.