Information and Consultation

The Project was created for people who experience all types of marginalisation or are in danger of being socially excluded. Through the analysis of social exclusion phenomenon and recognition of environmental needs and resources we make an attempt to improve the effectiveness of existing decisions. We achieve it through reinforcing cooperation between particular organisations and initiating public-social dialogue so as to raise people’s awareness.
The Project is directed to adults who struggle with different types of life difficulties, or stay in a prolonged mental health problems, emotional problems or/and economic problems. PIK is a link between those who are in need and those who want to support others. PIK also has an Assistant who acts as a mediator between a Client and particular organisations or institutions, (s)he is also a mediator and social, psychological and pedagogic adviser. PIK gives also financial and legal advice.
PIK organises meetings, training, conferences, educational and psycho-educational workshops, it also leads actions supporting overcoming social stereotypes against different forms of exclusion. In PIK’s responsibility is also supporting local partnership development and initiating public-social dialogue, building a support and cooperation network between particular organisations and individual people or supporting individual development.