Contemporary dance is one of the most advanced and artistically diverse directions in modern art. We work with the most talented representatives of this amazing discipline. 


Laboratory of movement where body and emotions, confront and exceed classical definitions of contemporary dance.Uses body, its expression and unlimited energy on searching forms enabling to reach unknown areas of dance art.

Touches and outrages

Disturbs and delights


One of the most innovative contemporary dance groups in Europe founded by Małgorzata Mielech and Zofia Jakubiec, former dancers at the Polish Dance Theatre, regarded as the most prestigious dance institution in Poland, possessing also appropriate stature worldwide. Thanks to complex dance education and experience reached during work at Polish Dance Theatre DanceLab founders had possibility to extend their artistic perspectives and technical skills which allowed them to realise the boldest and most amazing dance projects. During their international career, they always remained open for influence of the most important individuals and trends of the world of contemporary dance. They were also searching for the most preferable choreography style and method of work in dance theatre. Their visits in Israel - world source of this fascinating art discipline – and cooperation with people originated from this pattern of dance art turned out the milestones in their artistic way. Their creations are based mostly on the forms of expression met in Israel and reflect their fascination with opportunities provided for professional dancers by GaGa – movement language of Ohad Naharin. Projects realized by DanceLab are characterized by unique, so far unknown in Poland, approach to crossing the borders of traditional art and classical definitions of contemporary dance.