ArteRNATIVE 2012

The Time of ArteRNATIVE. Places Alternatives.
We have completed the second edition of the event: The Time of ArteRNATIVE. Places Alternatives, which fell on a Saturday, 31/03/2012 (Poznan, Rataje, Os Piastowskie, Park Amphitheater at Warta).
Second edition of The Time of ArteRNATIVE the event, during which we presented in the form of demonstrations and workshops, as well as several alternative concert space - the way of what you can do with the free time ...
Despite the extremely capricious weather, the time we spent was quite nice and clear, interestingly, within one afternoon there was almost simultaneously all four seasons - rain, snow, hail and strong wind, no sun, and a pleasant and pure blue sky - missing Only the Saharan heat
Because of the weather swings part of the show was pushed back a bit in time.
* PARKOUR * Poznan plotters or show under the guidance of Regis and Rails, who took care of turning up the excitement level for strong enough ...
* Breakdance * superb team of dancers presented for the first time in the company of legendary snow  breakdance different faces, the rhythms, which took up curling and Damian Suska Forest, the team Piastowska ;)
* PERFORMANCE * Girls Group Concrit specially for the occasion, in a space other than the melodic yet ... have presented their vision of the blind the Day 
* And in the meantime ... * basketball game held throw to the trash 
FINALE * in the team event played HOPE, which supportował Massive Connection
* In his spare time, in the filming of an amateur reporter, shot photos - some can be seen below 
The project was co-financed in the form of supporting the task by the Mayor of Poznań.
Heartfelt thanks go to our project partners:
* The company "TEFRA" for free pallets lending
* Print "MJP" and the company "Sound & Lights Service" dealing with the roof and lighting concert, as well as the transport company Mr Damian Konieczny and Gumnemu Bartek, who provided us with publicity  for supporting our initiative
* Workshops GRAFFITI - due to the above-mentioned weather, during June when, usually, it is warm and no snow, nor hail, and possibly even rain in the event did not take place.